Top Stress Reducers Are Dogs

Exercise in Minutes

You can’t count the benefits of exercise.  They are just too numerous.  They help control weight, help weight loss, improve your attitude and generally make you feel better.  The experts are now telling us that just thirty minutes a day of moving will improve your health.

While I must accept the opinions of so many experts, I still find setting aside the time is a problem in my busy life.  If you experience the same problem, you might try some of these ideas to get you going:


  1. When you go to the mall or grocery store, don’t park next to the front door of the store. Leave your car as far from the store as you can.  This will give you more of a walk in an effortless way.


  1. When the weather suits you, go outside and clean the yard. Just bending and stretching to pick up leaves and trash will burn calories.


  1. Try taking the dog for a walk. Your dog will enjoy this very much and keep you moving.


  1. At work, perhaps you can walk at lunch time. I’ve found that some of my office staff are willing to walk some days with me.  This makes the time go faster and yet, I’ve exercised during the daylight hours.

I’m sure you can find many more reasons and ideas to help motivate you in the right direction.  I find that walking in the sunshine helps improve my mood and that I will just make the time when the sun is out.  Find your reason to help yourself.