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Exercise with Dance

Many individuals turn away from exercise because they are just too traditional and unappealing. You may find yourself in this position. You want to exercise but running, swimming or walking just don’t appeal to you. So what can you do instead?

How about dancing for exercise? Zumba classes are extremely popular as a fun way of exercising. With Zumba the Latin music is invigorating and just makes you want to get up and dance. There are different levels of Zumba with classes geared towards the beginner, seniors and even for children. As your level improves you can move up into the next level.

Another fun dance exercise is Belly dancing. This is actually much harder than you might imagine but it is a fun activity to do. Many gyms have Belly dancing lessons that have you getting dressed up and dancing!

Dancing for exercise is a great calorie burner. It is very possible to burn 360 calories or more by attending a one hour dance class. Ballroom dancing is a huge calorie burner with the possibly or burning 374 calories and more. These numbers are based on a 150 pound person.

The nicest thing about using dance as your preferred exercise method is that there is an almost unlimited supply of DVD’s and Videos to choose from. You can look at sites like Amazon and see the choices there. They have everything from dance to kick boxing and more.

Dancing for exercise is an affordable method of exercising. You don’t require any fancy clothes or exercise equipment. You can even start by just putting on your favourite tunes and just dancing your heart out. If you have small children you can involve them as well and make dancing a great family activity.

Hip Hop dancing is another popular dance craze where you can take a class or use a DVD at home. This is a great way to learn a new dance routine that you can show off to your friends or family at a get together.

When starting out with dancing you don’t want to over exert yourself. Start off slowly and remember to stretch both before and after you start dancing. If you do too much too soon you could very easily end up tearing or pulling a muscle. You will be out of action before you have had a chance to get started.

Why not treat yourself to a new dance DVD and have some fun. Don’t forget that you can even use some of the available Wii games with your family. By making dancing a family affair you are instilling great exercise values in your children and hopefully your spouse!