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Sanexas is Part of a Comprehensive, Personalized Therapy Plan

As with every condition that our team treats, a comprehensive, holistic philosophy is the norm. To address your particular symptoms, your doctors create an individualized combination of therapies meant to relieve pain and increase mobility.

When combined with a holistic treatment plan that addresses any abnormalities in blood work, hormone testing, trigger testing (for toxins and infections) and genetic testing, Sanexas can improve your mobility to the point where you may no longer need a cane or walker to assist you in getting around.

Sanexas also improves circulation or blood flow so it is vital in successfully addressing organ dysfunction like kidney, lung and liver disease! 

Many patients say they sleep better after the very first Sanexas treatment and experience reduced inflammation and a noticeable difference in symptoms.

With continued improvement, it makes it easier to move and therefore begin exercising. As you continue to move and become more mobile without debilitating pain, you can enjoy your favorite activities again and embrace a better overall quality of life. If you’re ready to focus on all the things that are important to you each day, rather than on your pain, lack of sleep, or lack of mobility that comes with having symptoms, it’s time to call Columbia Basin Medical Center for a holistic, effective treatment plan that includes Sanexas electrotherapy.

We go out of our way to learn new and innovative ways to treat the most devastating conditions. Our priorities are to first treat the patient, not the disease. We work to bring you relief with an integrated approach that doesn’t solely rely on narcotics or other extremely addictive and harmful chemicals. Schedule your consultation today so we can bring you relief from pain in a healthy way!

Columbia Basin Medical Center offers medical care such as medical weight loss, personal injury treatment and migraine treatment in Kennewick, Washington. 

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