Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

For those suffering from tarsal tunnel syndrome in and around Vancouver, WashingtonPain Relief Partners offers non-invasive treatments to relieve the pain and treat the symptoms and cause of tarsal tunnel syndrome. Tarsal tunnel syndrome is, essentially, a compressed nerve that causes symptoms of numbness and tingling, swelling, hot and cold sensations, or electric shock feelings shooting into the foot. The Tibial Nerve can become compressed in your ankle area causing the symptoms described above.

The root cause of tarsal tunnel syndrome can be difficult to diagnose. Many reasons may be behind the conditions such as the shape of your foot, having a flat foot arch, swelling, or injury. At Pain Relief Partners, we diagnose your ankle and foot pain properly and set up a treatment plan for each individual patient to offer you the best possible results.

We use non-invasive treatments such as stem cell therapy, nerve blocks, deep tissue laser therapy, and chiropractic care to treat tarsal tunnel syndrome without resorting to invasive procedures. We are happy to report that our dedicated staff oftentimes successfully treats tarsal tunnel syndrome without the patient having to undergo a surgery.

If you suffer from numbness or tingling throughout your foot and toes, please call us. Our committed staff in Vancouver, Washington, are here ready and able to help you. Tarsal tunnel syndrome is just one of the conditions we address in our quest to put patients on the path to optimal wellness.

Common treatments for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome are:

  • Stem cell therapy (local injection at site of the nerve)
  • Trigger point injections
  • Laser therapy
  • Chiropractic care

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