Innovative & Extremely Effective Treatment for Neuropathy

We are fortunate to currently be the only clinic in the Kennewick to have a new treatment available for those suffering from nerve pain or neuropathy that really works!

We use a variety of new electronic devices (we utilize several different types and choose the one that will best suit the patient), that safely use cutting-edge, patented, high-frequency electronic waves to gently reach deep down through muscle and tissue to relieve neuropathy symptoms and severe neuromuscular pain.

Treatment with these devices is FDA-cleared and clinically-proven as an effective treatment for nerve pain in the arms, hands, legs and feet.


The new innovative technology provides a clinically proven, successful treatment for neuropathy and chronic nerve conditions that affect both the upper and lower extremities.

Currently, the most common treatment for neuropathy is with oral medications such as the anti-seizure medication Gabapentin, antidepressants or narcotics which help settle down or dulls nerve sensation. Unfortunately, these medications are not a cure and often have many undesirable side effects.

However, these new devices are helping to deliver an exciting, new FDA approved neuropathy treatment with clinically documented results showing an overall 80-85% success rate in alleviating neuropathy and neuropathic pain!

This is an exciting new treatment for numbness or pain in the feet or legs. It is a dramatically effective solution for neuropathy, with documented clinical results. The treatment consists of advanced, patented, and FDA-cleared Electronic Signaling Technology (EST), combined with a series of local anesthetic injections. These devices are being used effectively in many clinics both medical and chiropractic specialties, including pain management.

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